Our Services


Custom office policy manual

A comprehensive policy manual written especially to meet your practices unique needs. Specifically designed to facilitate a clear vision; making management much easier and less stressful.


OSHA Compliance Training

A comprehensive in office audit and training to get your team up to date on OSHA compliance.

A custom OSHA manual written just for your practice.

Completed by an OSHA certified team member.


Complete office analysis

A comprehensive analysis of your practice.

Practice assessment & data analysis.

Collection history.

Systems assessment.

Consultation with team members.

New patient management.


Complete hygiene department analysis

A comprehensive analyses of the most vital components necessary to ensure a thriving hygiene department.

Analysis of hygiene’s KPIs.

Assessment of Hygiene team systems.

Patient care guidelines.

Revenue goals.


Ongoing tracking and monitoring

Monthly tracking of most important reports.

Data Analysis.


Managerial meetings


Team development

Team building exercises that can improve teamwork, develop trust, and enhance problem solving skills.

Detailed job description.

Hands on employee training.

Hands on quality radiograph training.